University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

Campus Dining

Our Mission


Campus Dining is a hospitality organization dedicated to providing the Notre Dame community and guests with high quality foods and services in a variety of settings. This mission is accomplished by being responsive to the changing needs and desires of our customers, while operating in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner.

In our consistent pursuit of this mission we are guided by the following values:


We commit to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations and be the leader in our industry. We embrace innovation and creativity, seek different perspectives, and risk pursuing new opportunities.


We treat each other with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences. We provide a safe work environment where employees are provided an opportunity for growth and advancement, compensated appropriately, and treated equally and fairly. We give individuals the authority to use their capabilities to the fullest to satisfy their customers.


We are honest, ethical and professional in dealing with all stakeholders. Our personal conduct ensures relationships that are worthy of trust.


We join together to work toward a common interest, directing individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. We celebrate both individual and team contributions. We communicate frequently and with candor in a manner that encourages and values input from all of our stakeholders.


We strive to exceed the value expectation of our stakeholders. We are prudent with our resources, responsible for how and what is accomplished.