Top Three Reasons to work in Campus Dining:

  1. Campus Dining offers excellent benefits, continuing education resources, and opportunities for advancement.
  2. Campus Dining is a leader in culinary innovation, striving to be the nation's premier college dining program.
  3. Campus Dining offers a rich work environment where employees are part of the Notre Dame family.

Campus Dining seeks to attract, select, and develop people that are talented and passionate about their work. We look for individuals that not only want to be a part of the Notre Dame community, but also want to influence future generations.

Because we cannot achieve our mission without a breadth of skills and personalities, we strive to attract diverse and highly qualified candidates. The University of Notre Dame is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, disability or veteran status.

Regular Employment

Campus Dining offers many positions – on call, part time and full time – at various dining halls and restaurants across campus.  Scroll down to find the career that awaits you and meet a few of our associates!

Student Employment

Campus Dining offers a high energy environment for those students who are interested in working. We offer positions with competitive wages, incentives, flexible hours, opportunities for advancement, and great working atmosphere. Along with the North Dining Hall and South Dining Hall, other Campus Dining departments are looking for student help. Positions are available with Reckers, the Huddle Food Court, our Express operations and University Catering, which has a large student on-call list. Check out our available student positions.

Senior Week Employment

During senior week it is necessary for students who will be working for Campus Dining to be housed in the residence halls. These students work for Campus Dining or Building Services during the week and for Campus Dining over the weekend. In order to successfully accommodate all the guests of the University during this busy time, it takes a great number of workers. The student workers are a vital part of this work force. In order to employ this large number of workers, Campus Dining and Building Services have developed a specific contract required for these students in order to successful accommodate the needs of both groups over the week and weekend. It is imperative that the students follow these procedures in order to ensure timely and accurate compensation as well as successfully service the University community.


Campus Dining offers many incentive programs for student employees. We pay a differential increase for positions that start after 10:00 pm and before 9:00 am. Other pay incentives are available for specific positions within some of our operations. 

Meet our Associates



Service Associate, 9 years

"I love working in Campus Dining; it's a safe place to work and the people are very nice. The students make me feel like a part of their family"



Sous Chef, 26 years

"Campus Dining is a great place to work, everyone is so positive. Notre Dame helped me send my daughter to college."



Retail Associate, 17 years

"I like working in Campus Dining because of the good people who make it a comfortable place to work. We have good Supervisors and the students are fun to work with."

Jobs at Campus Dining

Creative Hospitality Careers



Executive Chef, Residential Dining

  • Current National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS 2016) National Champion  

  • Served as University test kitchen chef for 7 years  

  • Native of India with a degree from Hotel Management Institute in India

"I feel family and empowered here!!!"



Director, Hospitality Training and Development

  • Joined the University as an Administrative Assistant for American Studies  
  • Promoted to Senior Administrative Assistant in Human Resources serving in several roles to advance her career including holding positions in Shared Services, Recruiting and Human Resource Consultant.  
  • As the Aux Ops HRC she led the redeployment of the Morris Inn staff during the hotel closure and planned the reopening.
  • She was then embedded in the hotel for 18 months to lead all HR training and employee functions

"Working at the University is so much more than a job - working at ND has allowed me to grow, develop, and find my career path. My new role in Campus Dining will focus on training, safety, talent development and staffing - and with this, focus on the most important asset of our organization...our staff! Campus Dining has an exciting future ahead and there are many opportunities to join the Campus Dining team. I look forward to welcoming you to the team and helping you determine your own career path here at ND!"



Sr. Accounts Payable Assistant

  • Started as an on-call Food Service Attendant  
  • Hired into a full time Food Service Attendant in South Dining Hall  
  • Promoted into Food Services Vending as a bookkeeper  
  • Promoted to Food Services Accounts Payable

"I've always liked numbers and was happy to move into the Campus Dining Accounting Department and I enjoy working with the others I work with too."