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Nutrition and Food Allergies

Campus Dining provides healthful dining opportunities for the University community and guests. Be sure to look for our featured nutritional items.




Our healthy option. The items with this marking are heathier than you think they might be. They are prepared using healthy techniques. They contain less fat or calories than you may think and more vitamins, nutrients, and positive health influences. Include these as part of your balanced diet.




Look for the V to find vegetarian choices of entrees and soups. These items do not contain meat or fish. Vegetarian diets are one opportunity to benefit in both good health and social responsibility. Vegetables require much less natural resources to grow than animal products. If you are looking for Vegan choices, please visit the vegan page of our web site.

Low Fat Low Calorie



Look for the L to find lower fat, lower calorie, lower sodium choices. These choices contain the following or lower levels of fat, calories, and sodium:

Entrees – 500 cal or less, 15g of fat or less, 1000mg sodium or less
Sides – 100 cal or less, 5g of fat or less
Desserts – 300 cal or less, 5 g fat or less, 500 mg sodium or less
Snacks – 200 cal or less, 5 g fat or less, 300 mg sodium or less


Gluten Friendly Offerings

Because of new changes by the FDA with gluten free labeling, Campus Dining will no longer identify food items with a GF icon.  However, we do offer menu items that do not contain wheat, rye, or barley as an ingredient.   These items may have come into contact with gluten through regular production processes.  We are not responsible for cross contamination or product substitution.  If gluten must be strictly avoided, please contact our dietitian at to discuss options. 


When dining in North or South Dining Hall, you'll find symbols noting nutrition and allergen information for each item. Below are the symbol key and a sample line card.













Food Allergies, Celiac Disease, and Special Dietary Needs

We take great care to provide students who have special dietary needs which stem from food allergies or intolerances, with important food safety services. Depending on the severity, this service may range from providing a list of recipe ingredients to individualized meal preparation and specialty shopping. If you have a food allergy, celiac disease, or other special health condition, please review the following document.

Food Allergy and Medical Condition Action Plan


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