Circus Lunch Returns


Location: North and South Dining Halls


After an absence of several years, Circus Lunch returns to both North and South Dining Halls. 

The most popular of the dining hall special events in the 1980's and 1990's, Circus Lunch will make its return on March 8, 2012.  Alumni can share stories of the dining hall staff dressed as clowns and the cotton candy sticking to their fingers.  It was these types of memories that led Brian Coughlin of Student Affairs to share stories of this historical event with the current Student Government. 

At the request of Student Government, Notre Dame Food Services will work in conjunction with SGA to host this event.  Reggie Kalili of Notre Dame Food Services was a student during the heyday of this festive lunch and will lead the efforts to put this event into place again. 

One of the best parts of the circus is the food and that will be the highlight of this luncheon.  Partake in Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs and more...