Father Sorin's 200th Birthday Celebration


Location: North and South Dining Halls


In the province of Mayenne, at the little village of La Roche in the commune of Ahuillé, there lived a gentleman farmer, Julian Sorin de la Gaulterie, and his wife, Marie Anne Louise Gresland de la Margalerie. Edward Frederick Sorin was the seventh of their nine children. He was born on the 6th of February, 1814. 
In celebration of Father Sorin’s birthdate, Notre Dame Food Services is presenting a menu highlighting foods that were indigenous to the area of France where he was born and serving authentic dishes Sorin actually attended during his tenure as the first president and founder of the University of Notre Dame.
Please join us for this special dinner in North or South Dining Hall on February 6th.

Father Sorin's Birthday Celebration Menu

Poulet Sauté Chasseur
(Chicken Sauté Hunter Style)
Pan roasted chicken pieces served with a rich tomato-flavored sauce demi-glace seasoned with tarragon, chervil, and parsley.
Matelote a la Marinière
(Fish Stew)
Fresh fish stew prepared with catfish and cod with button mushrooms, glazed pearl onions, shrimp, and garnished with croutons.
Estouffade à la Provençale
(Braised Beef Pot Roast)
Pan seared and braised tender beef chuck, sliced and served with tomatoes and mushrooms in a red wine brown sauce.
Lentilles Francaises et Ragout de' Legumes
(French Lentil and Vegetable Stew)
Pommes de Terre Dauphinoise
(Thinly Sliced Potatoes in Custard)
Céleri Braisé
(Braised Celery)
Carottes à la Vichy
(Glazed Carrots)
Haricot Vert
(Young Tender Green Beans)
Birthday Cake
Beautifully decorated and displayed French cake with French buttercream icing in celebration of Father Sorin’s 200th birthday.