Trayless Fridays During Lent

Location: North and South Dining Hall


The dining halls are going trayless on Lenten Fridays and Holy Thursday! 

Sponsored by GreeND & Make a Difference Week, Trayless Fridays are meant to encourage guests to pay more attention to the amount of food they take and to ultimately reduce food waste. For those who feel they need a tray, they will be inconveniently located in the dining rooms.

As part of Trayless Fridays, students will be conducting a waste and weigh in both dining halls during dinner on February 26 and in South Dining Hall during dinner on March 24. The results of these waste and weighs will be published below and on the Try Trayless Facebook page

Waste and Weigh Results

*In waste and weighs over the past 3 years, the average amount wasted person has been 3.43 ounces.
  February 26 March 24
North Dining Hall 1.47 oz/person N/A
South Dining Hall N/A 2.83 oz/person

Food Waste Facts:

Many peer institutions have gone trayless.

Eliminating trays may reduce waste up to 32%.

On average, Notre Dame wastes 1.2 tons of food each day.

Before moving to smaller trays, South Dining Hall wasted 1.8 tons of food each day.


The following videos provide more information and reason to try going trayless. The first was produced by GreeND and Make a Difference Week, the second by The Office of Sustainability.