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South Dining Hall Plate Waste Reduces by 15%


Student volunteers recently helped measure the tray waste in both the North and South Dining Halls.  This measurement has been occurring for the past six years.  The Notre Dame Student Body has stepped up to the plate and reduced plate waste progressively over this time. …

Eating Mindfully


Too often we are engaged in many other activities at meal time and as such we are never fully aware or present for our meal.  We may be working on our computers while we eat, eating in front of the television or in our cars, or eating while standing up or on the go.  The point is that most of us do not slow down so that we can truly enjoy our meals.  In doing so, we shortchange the physical and psychological experience of eating. …

Mother of the Huddle


Forty-four years ago, Helen Hiatt came to the Huddle for a job interview. “I thought I would be there for an hour or so, but the manager at that time, Mr. Farrell, asked me if I could start that day,” said Hiatt. She has been at the Huddle ever since.

Celebrating her 90th