Dave Prentkowski Awarded Irish Clover Award

Author: Lisa Wenzel


Presented each year by Student Government, Dave Prentkowski, Director Notre Dame Food Services, was awarded the 27th annual Irish Clover Award on April 3, 2012.  The nomination process occurs through the Notre Dame Student Body with an approval vote by the Student Senate.  In this nomination, Dave was recognized in honor of his many contributions to student life, including the hard work with the student leaders on different food eateries in the LaFortune Student Center.   The selection process was highly competitive and the students voted on his reputation.

Each year there are two awards conferred to outstanding members of the Notre Dame Community (students, faculty, and staff members).  The criteria of the award are based on outstanding service to the students of the Notre Dame Community.

Dave was also the recipient of the 14th annual Irish Clover Award presented in 1998.