Korean Menu Line Introduced in Dining Halls

Author: Lisa Wenzel


Beginning January 19, 2012, Notre Dame Food Service kicked off a new line of authentically prepared Korean menu items in our dining halls.  North Dining Hall launched this concept at lunch on January 19, 2012, and you will find these new offerings at South Dining Hall on February 6, 2012. 

These recipes were developed through our work on expanding authentically prepared international offerings in the dining halls.  The largest group of international students at the University currently is comprised of Korean students.  From this knowledge, we researched authentic offerings and demonstrated these to a small group of students. 

Get ready for some spice as many dishes utilize chili pepper.  Intense bold flavors are key.    We highlight authentic Korean flavors with “guchulpan,” which are small crepes filled with a selection of ingredients cooked to order.  Korean dining often features many side dishes.  We will showcase Kimchi,  traditional pickled Korean cabbage; along with other lessor know dishes such as Oyi Namul, (cucumber salad) and Mu Saingchai, (white radish salad). 

At South Dining Hall try our lunch entrees of Song-I Busut Jim, (a chicken and shrimp dish) and Gun Saengsun, (a marinated tilapia).  Dinner will feature Gogi Busut Bokum, (a beef and mushroom dish) and Bokum Bahb, (made with pork and crabmeat).   At North Dining Hall, sample these items along with Sikumci Kuk, (a spinach and pork dish) and Bulgalbi, (spicy beef).