NDFS Carvers Create Sculptures for SAO Event

Author: Molly Moran


On Friday, January 24th, Student Activities held their annual “Ice, Ice Baby” event in LaFortune Student Center. The evening featured karaoke, movies, BBQ and ice carvings created by Food Services’ own Danny Bloss, Howard Busfield and Mike Evans. 
By day, Mike and Danny are cooks and Howard is a butcher, all at our Food Services Support Facility. All three have taken classes here at Notre Dame to learn how to carve ice and can create an amazing variety of sculptures, ranging from Notre Dame themed designs to animals.
For this event, they created an interlocking ND, leprechaun, and shamrock, as well as a parrot, horse and fish. Starting with a 300-pound block of ice 


procured from City Pure Ice in LaPorte, it takes a carver 1 – 2 hours to complete a design, depending on its complexity.
In addition to student events like this, Mike, Danny and Howard are often called on to create sculptures for special Catering events and weddings. What an incredible asset they are to our Food Services team!