Rec Room Holds Gingerbread House Event

Author: Molly Moran


During the last week of classes, North Dining Hall’s Rec Room provided students an opportunity to relieve some stress and get in the holiday spirit by decorating gingerbread houses. “Gingerbread House Week” is an annual event in the Rec Room where the basic houses and a variety of icings, candies, cookies and cereals are provided and creativity is encouraged. Some particularly clever students ventured outside of the Rec Room for food items to incorporate into their designs. Trees made out of broccoli? Why not? Ice cream cone chimneys? Genius! This ingenuity resulted in a wide variety of houses with names such as “Best Dome Ever,” “Under the Sea,” and “3 North Pole.”

Throughout the week, a total of 52 houses were decorated. They were then used as centerpieces for North Dining Hall’s Student Christmas Dinner, which was held on December 10th.  

For more information about the Rec Room and their events, visit their Facebook page.