Rohan Marley Introduces Marley Coffee to Campus

Author: Molly Moran


When one hears the name Marley, the first thing that comes to mind typically isn't coffee. Rohan Marley, son of legendary musician Bob Marley, is changing that with his company, Marley Coffee.

On January 14th, Rohan made the trip to frozen northern Indiana to share the story of Marley Coffee with key staff members who order coffee for offices across campus. His visit included a presentation followed by a coffee tasting, where guests sampled blends with names like Lively Up!, One Love, and Buffalo Soldier.

For Rohan, founding Marley Coffee was a fulfilment of his father's love of nature and desire to farm. Rohan purchased Blue Mountain Farm in Jamaica in 1999, but it wasn't until after spending time in Ethiopia years later that he was inspired to found Marley Coffee. Witnessing the impact coffee has on communities, Rohan knew he wanted coffee to be the vehicle through which he would give back and honor his father.

Marley Coffee beans are sourced from Jamaica, Central and South America, and Ethiopia. In all locations, Marley Coffee is committed to improving the lives of workers, local economies, and adhering to sustainable and ethical practices. They are active participants in the Water Wise Coffee program created by their manufacturer, Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee. The program helps coffee mill owners naturally filter water used in the milling process to avoid contaminating local water sources. Marley Coffee donates one cent of every single-serve coffee capsule sold to support the Water Wise Program.

Rohan's presentation at Notre Dame was informative and his warm and engaging personality made his visit enjoyable for all in attendance. Marley Coffee will undoubtably be making an appearance in break rooms across campus and perhaps the name Marley will now be synonymous with "coffee".  


To learn more about Marley Coffee or Rohan Marley, visit

Marley Coffee capsules are available for your Keurig brewing system through Notre Dame Food Services' Office Refreshment Service. To order Marley Coffee for your office, please visit Notre Dame Marketplace and shop under the Notre Dame Vending store.