We are currently seeking to fill full and part time positions.

Top Three Reasons to work in Campus Dining:

  1. Campus Dining offers a fun, fast-paced environment with flexible schedules and a free meal during your shift.
  2. Campus Dining is a leader in culinary innovation, striving to be the nation's premier college dining program.
  3. Campus Dining has opportunities in a variety of locations allowing you to gain new skill sets and experiences.

Campus Dining seeks to attract, select, and develop people that are talented and passionate about their work. We look for individuals that not only want to be a part of the Notre Dame community, but also want to influence future generations.

Because we cannot achieve our mission without a breadth of skills and personalities, we strive to attract diverse and highly qualified candidates. The University of Notre Dame is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, disability or veteran status.

Regular Employment

Campus Dining offers many positions – on call, part time and full time – at various dining halls and restaurants across campus.  Scroll down to find the career that awaits you and meet a few of our associates!

Student Employment

Campus Dining offers a high energy environment for those students who are interested in working. We offer positions with competitive wages, incentives, flexible hours, opportunities for advancement, and great working atmosphere. Along with the North Dining Hall and South Dining Hall, other Campus Dining departments are looking for student help. Positions are available with the Huddle Food Court, our Express operations and University Catering, which has a large student on-call list. Check out our available student positions.


Campus Dining offers many incentive programs for student employees. We pay a differential increase for positions that start after 10:00 pm and before 9:00 am. Other pay incentives are available for specific positions within some of our operations. 

Meet our Associates

Sue Clark


Staffing Coordinator

"I really like the versatility of working with all the Campus Dining operations and enjoy helping our temporary employees grow their skill set and advance their careers."



Business Systems Analyst

"I like working in Campus Dining because I get to work with very smart and passionate people. I get to do work I love, while fostering the University’s mission through superb stewardship of its human, physical, and financial resources."

Jobs at Campus Dining

    Creative Hospitality Careers



    Culinary Service Associate, North Dining Hall

    • Joined the University as a Food Service Employee at South Dining Hall
    • Promoted from Food Service Employee to Lead Food Service Attendant at South Dining Hall  
    • Transitioned to Culinary Service Associate at North Dining Hall 

    "I love meeting new people, seeing different cultures at the University, and my coworkers of course."



    Sous Chef, North Dining Hall

    • Joined the University as a Kitchen Associate in North Dining Hall  
    • Promoted to Cook at North Dining Hall  
    • Promoted to Floor Chef at North Dining Hall
    • Transitioned to Floor Chef for University Catering
    • Promoted to Executive Sous Chef for University Catering
    • Transitioned to Sous Chef at North Dining Hall

    "I enjoy working at Notre Dame because it's a secure job with a good environment and great people. You can learn something new every day by working with different chefs who all have different bits of knowledge."

    Jenniferparks 400


    Sous Chef, South Dining Hall

    • Started as Kitchen Associate in North Dining Hall  
    • Promoted to Cook at North Dining Hall  
    • Promoted to 2nd Lead at North Dining Hall  
    • Promoted to Sous Chef at North Dining Hall
    • Transitioned to Sous Chef at South Dining Hall

    "I would say the people I get to meet and work with are the reason I like working at Notre Dame the most. There's so much diversity. Everyone has a story or something that drives them and a life outside of work. I just love listening and learning from all my peers."