Special Services

Grab and Go

Don’t have time to sit down for a meal? We understand. That’s why we’ve designed the Grab and Go shop located in the basement of South Dining Hall. Grab and Go offers a limited variety of sandwiches, salads, drinks, munchies, and microwave snacks. These meals may replace breakfast, lunch, or dinner on your meal plan once per meal period.

Sick Meals

If you are ill or confined to your residence hall, we can provide you with a carryout meal. Simply have a friend bring a letter from your rector or from the Student Health Center and present it to a manager in one of the dining halls. The letter must explain that you are confined to your room and must contain your ndID number. We will verify your meal plan balance and provide carryout containers so that your meal can be delivered.

Co-Ex with Saint Mary's

Campus Dining and the food services at Saint Mary’s College maintain a co-exchange meal program. Notre Dame students with a valid meal plan may eat dinner at Saint Mary’s any night of the week except Saturday. Saint Mary’s students may likewise dine at Notre Dame. There is no charge for the co-ex pass. To obtain a co-ex pass, bring your ID to the lead monitor’s desk in the lobbies of either South or North Dining Hall on the day you wish to eat at Saint Mary’s. Between meals, tickets are available at Grab and Go locations in both dining halls.

Guest Meals

Visitors to campus may purchase single meals for any meal served in the dining halls. Payment for a guest meal may be made by cash, check, student account charge, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover), or Domer Dollars. Guest meals may be purchased at the cashier’s desk in each dining hall.

Students with Disabilities

At Campus Dining, we are ready to assist those students who have special needs, a disability, or an injury. Ramps are located at both the north and south entrances of North Dining Hall and at the front entrance of South Dining Hall. Please locate a manager should you need assistance. If you have any questions, please call South Dining Hall (574-631-6147) or North Dining Hall (574-631-6176).

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