Food Trucks at Fieldhouse Mall


Location: Fieldhouse Mall (LaFortune Student Center)

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On Friday, August 2, all Campus Dining locations will be closed for an All-Staff Day of Learning. Campus Dining will coordinate for multiple food trucks to be on campus near Fieldhouse Mall (LaFortune Student Center) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in order to provide meal opportunities to our students, faculty & staff, and guests on campus. Additionally, Sorin’s and Rohr’s at the Morris Inn will remain open and welcome your business. 

Food Trucks at Fieldhouse Mall

Parmajacos (Shredded chicken or ground beef tacos, street corn, bottled beverages)

B&K Chuckwagon (Burgers and fries)

Four Winds (American fusion fare)

Intelligentsia (Coffee)

Chunky's Tacos (Traditional Mexican style street tacos)


*Please note: Some food trucks may be CASH ONLY.