A Better Burger

Author: Cory Hankins

It’s true—Campus Dining is embracing plant-forward burger innovation and has begun serving a blended burger in both North and South Dining Halls. Made fresh at Notre Dame’s Center for Culinary Excellence, the burger is a signature blend of beef and mushrooms that is ground not once, but twice to ensure maximum quality and consistency among each batch of burgers. 

Why mess with the burger, an icon of American cuisine? Well, besides the obvious benefit of offering healthier burger options, chefs around the globe have found that including ingredients like mushrooms and leafy greens can actually enhance flavor and juiciness. Additionally, developing blended burgers and other plant-forward menu options supports Notre Dame’s strong commitment to sustainable practices. 

As a member of Menus of Change, a ground-breaking initiative from The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Notre Dame Campus Dining will continue to introduce new plant-forward options in the dining halls and hopes that students, faculty, staff and guests of the University will enjoy the delicious, nutritious (though occasionally indulgent) food served at the University.

See our burger making process here: