Coffee with Compassion: Importin Joe's Ethiopian Coffee

Author: Karim Tinoco

The People

Here at the dining halls of The University of Notre Dame we serve coffee with compassion, or so goes the mantra of our coffee provider Importin Joe’s Ethiopian Coffee.Co-founded by husband and wife Joseph and Afomia Luten, Importin Joe’s is a minority black and woman-owned third wave coffee company that focuses on providing an impactful and culturally diverse coffee experience.

Located in Northern Indiana, Importin Joe’s makes significant contributions to the improvement of marginalized, disadvantaged, and impoverished communities with which they are directly or indirectly associated.By allocating 30% of their profit to social change and equity initiatives, Importin Joe’s has donated three thousand cups of coffee to local area teachers, made substantial contributions to address the ongoing issue of child homelessness in East Africa, and instigated positive change in the local socio-economic landscape.

By enjoying a cup of Importin' Joe's Ethiopian Coffee, individuals can actively participate in becoming catalysts for change and partner in the fight against poverty. The company invites customers to join their mission and looks forward to serving them soon.

The Coffee

Importin' Joe's Ethiopian Coffee takes pride in sourcing the highest quality, specialty coffee beans from the indigenous lands of Ethiopia, where the Arabica coffee species originated. The combination of high elevations and mineral-rich volcanic soil in these regions contributes to the prestigious and renowned reputation of their competition-grade coffee.

Ethiopian coffees are celebrated for their rich and robust flavor profiles. They are historically recognized for their unique fruity, chocolatey, sweet, and juicy notes, which make them distinct and sought after by coffee enthusiasts.

Importin' Joe's Ethiopian Coffee offers a diverse range of coffee options. They provide a collection of rotating single-origin coffee beans sourced directly from various prominent coffee-growing regions throughout Ethiopia. This ensures that customers can experience the unique characteristics and flavors associated with specific regions. In addition to the single-origin offerings, they also provide beautifully crafted single-origin Ethiopian blends, which further showcase the diversity and complexity of Ethiopian coffee.

With their commitment to sourcing exceptional beans and showcasing the rich flavors of Ethiopian coffee, Importin' Joe's aims to provide the University of Notre Dame a memorable and flavorful coffee experience.

Learn more about Importin' Joe's Ethiopian Coffee in this two part interview with co-owner Joseph Luten (Part 1 and Part 2).