How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions? Thoughts from Body Kindness

Author: Jocie Antonelli

Hand On Heart

Rebecca Scirtchfield is a dietitian and author best known for her Body Kindness book and corresponding podcast.  She recently sent out some tips I thought were inspiring for the new year of 2020:

Here are a few tips that may help with Body Kindness this new year.

1. Invest and divest. Think of one thing you want to divest from. This is something that's no longer serving you. It may be a thought that you have frequently or something that still feels like a belief system that doesn't help you create a better life. Write it down. Think of reasons why you want to divest and then rip it up in pieces and get rid of it. Throw it into a fire or release it into the recycle bin.

2. Make up a mantra and commit to it. Rebecca did this on New Year's Eve. Her mantra is "live with ease" and it exemplifies  her desire to breathe through those daily hard spots so that when the big waves of uncertainty come, she’ll be a bit more prepared. If you're not into this, may I suggest your favorite song lyric or poem.

3. Give yourself the joy of "spiraling up". Before you finish reading this, try anything... whatever calls to you, that can help you love, connect, and care for yourself. Hands on heart, forward bend, candle, aromatherapy, dance, flip through your last 5 photos on your phone and bask in the feelings that come up, knowing that you love and you ARE loved, in good times and bad. The point here is to feel energy, to feel alive, to feel human, and to practice this fundamental connection can take 10 seconds, and any amount of Body Kindness practice is worth it.

YOU. Are worth it.