Nutritional Counseling

Jocie Antonelli, Nutrition And Safety Manager For Notre Dame Food Services

Whether it's the initial transition away from home, or coping with the pressures of coursework and exams, Campus Dining recognizes the need to be available to coach students on proper nutrition and eating habits. Our nutrition services program director, Jocie Antonelli, is a registered dietitian whose high acumen in developing nutrition strategies is matched by the relationships she develops with students as she guides them toward making more healthful choices.

Antonelli has been at the University for more than 20 years, and in that time, has developed a keen sense of the food trends and challenges facing college students. She believes proper nutrition is integral to performing well in Notre Dame's rigorous academic environment, and routinely assists students with their individual eating concerns. While today's Notre Dame college student is generally more healthy than their age group, that comes with inherent pressures of which Antonelli is familiar and is well versed in providing counsel for students to cope.

She's also an acute observer of food trends, and provides insight into how we can better serve our Notre Dame family. From helping to lead the effort toward inclusion of gluten-free and vegetarian dishes on the regular menus at dining halls and restaurants, to identifying the foods popular among today's college students, Jocie Antonelli is an invaluable part of the Campus Dining team.

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