Dining Hall Christmas Celebration

Author: Lisa Wenzel


It could just be for the prime rib, but there was a whole lot more. 



Thousands of students flooded North and South Dining Hall on Tuesday, December 4th for the Annual Christmas Dinner.  Students had the opportunity to feast on hand carved Prime Rib of Beef that they could slather with horseradish sauce.  Christmas Cookies could be found at every turn. 




To add to the experience the Notre Dame Hand Bell Choir greeted those who arrived at South Dining Hall.  Ice carvings adorned the dining rooms.  Traditional favorites like Eggnog were enjoyed.  One couldn’t help notice the smell in the serving area of South Dining Hall, where the pizza line featured never ending fresh baked cinnamon rolls draped in gooey icing. 



In North Dining Hall, students partook in specialty hors d’oeuvres as they arrived including Crab Cakes and Fruit Sushi.   Gingerbread houses decorated by student participants in Rec Room activities adorned many of the tables. 





Can you believe –

6134 Diners
3400 pounds of Prime Rib
1980 Cut Out Christmas Cookies
3100 Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls
70 Gallons of Eggnog
5280 servings of potatoes


Merry Christmas!