Dining Halls Continue Sustainable Efforts by Eliminating Grab 'n Go Paper Bags

Author: Molly Moran


In a continued effort to improve sustainability and reduce waste, dining halls are eliminating paper bags from Grab 'n Go at the beginning of the 2015-16 academic year. To carry their Grab 'n Go, students may bring their own reusable bag or purchase one (shown at right) for $1.20. Bags may be purchased in either Grab 'n Go location with cash, Flex Points or Domer Dollars. Bags will also be sold in the Huddle Mart.

This change comes as the result of student feedback and a partnership with Notre Dame's Office of Sustainability. In the past, the dining halls used a total of 196,000 bags a year, or the equivalent of 280 trees. In addition to saving trees, the dining halls will also save the money spent on paper bags and instead direct it towards increased local food purchasing.


Another change to look for this year is the elimination of styrofoam cups from dining hall serveries. Cups were previously povided for carrying out drinks. To carry out a beverage from the dining halls now, guests may use their own 32 ounce or less reusable container.

Notre Dame Food Services and the dining hall staff are excited to take these steps and look forward to continuing their sustainable efforts.