Executive Chef Wins National Professionalism Award

Author: Lisa Wenzel


Donald Miller, CEC, CCE, AAC, was honored this week by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) for his outstanding professionalism. Chef Miller received the organization’s National Chef Professionalism Award at the 2012 ACF National Conference held in Orlando July 14-17.

Chef Miller has been with the University since 1987, originally working at the Morris Inn, then bringing his skill and experience to Notre Dame Food Services in 2004. 

On campus, Chef Miller routinely demonstrates his professionalism in his development of staff.  Chef Miller is the ACF Apprenticeship Chair.  Through his work with this program he mentors chefs to develop their full potential.  Chef Miller is the culinary leader and mentor for a culinary staff on campus of over 150 professionals.  This group learns from Chef Miller each day. 

The University has also benefited from Chef Miller’s efforts in the area of sustainability.  Chef Miller was the driving force in Notre Dame Food Service’s efforts to become Marine Stewardship Certified (being the first university to achieve this in the nation).  Chef Miller brings to our operations fresh produce each summer from our own campus garden

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The National Chef Professionalism Award is presented to the chef who exemplifies the highest standard of professionalism through certification, continuing education and training, culinary competitions, and community involvement. It honors culinarians who help elevate the status of chefs and cooks in the United States.

The National Chef Professionalism Award was designed to commemorate the efforts of Dr. Lewis J. Minor, AAC; Louis Szathmary, AAC; and Lt. Gen. John D. McLaughlin, AAC. The combined efforts of these three ACF leaders helped achieve a long-sought goal for American chefs: official recognition of ACF executive chefs as professionals, reflected in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational Titles.