Campus Dining Director's Awards Announced

Author: Molly Moran

Maurice MorganMaurice Morgan accepts his award from Chris Abayasinghe, senior director of Campus Dining.

Campus Dining announced the winners of their 2018 Annual Director’s Awards on December 22nd at the Campus Dining Holiday Party. These awards were created to recognize outstanding performance within Campus Dining. 

The first, the Achievement Award, recognizes the achievement of a regular full or part time non-exempt staff member for improvements in productivity, problem solving, finances, or positive customer satisfaction results.

The second and third awards both recognize leadership.  These leaders need to be proven in exemplary work, teamwork, leadership, creativity, or organizational abilities.  One leader is honored from the non-exempt full or part time staff and the other is an exempt manager.

Leon EckLeon Eck accepts his award for Excellent Leadership.

This year’s winners are:

Maurice Morgan

Director's Award for Excellent Achievement

Matthew Brower

Director's Award for Excellent Leadership

Leon Eck

Director's Award for Excellent Leadership


Campus Dining is proud to honor these performers in excellence.