Campus Dining Director's Awards Announced

Author: Molly Moran

Award Greg Larson

Greg Larson accepts his award from Chris Abayasinghe, Senior Director of Campus Dining.

Campus Dining announced the winners of their 2019 Annual Director’s Awards on December 21st at the Campus Dining Holiday Party. These awards were created to recognize outstanding performance within Campus Dining. 

Heather Fairres

Heather's work ethic is second to none. She continues to excel in her work, especially when there appear to be obstacles, such as meeting deadlines to post month-end journals with limited information, there are high volumes of last minute invoices to post, or a key individual is unavailable and she's needed to fill in or assist. She always makes sure that communication is at the forefront and does all she can complete her duties accurately and efficiently. She takes the lead when a new unit opens to ensure that many of the logistical issues are in order with regards to the point of sale and accounting process required for a smooth transition. Heather is an invaluable member of the Campus Dining team.

Congratulations, Heather!

Greg Larson

In 2013, Campus Dining set out to create a culinary culture within our department, and no one has helped achieve that goal more than Greg  He has developed countless recipes and stays true to their authenticity. He has been at the front of developing many concepts at North Dining Hall both before and after the renovation. 

While pretty much everything on NDH’s menu is Greg’s creation, some of his notable creations include: Performance Dining; Southwest Salad (a Notre Dame favorite); Quesadilla Bar; Adopting GrubHub to the stir-fry area; Developing Thanksgiving Dinner made entirely from scratch.

In addition to culinary creation, Greg continues to hire and develop culinary talent for the department.  At least 5 current sous chefs and managers started out as cooks in the NDH kitchen and were developed and promoted through his tenure. Several of these managers said they would not be where they are today without his guidance.

Congratulations, Greg!

Scott Lanier

Scott has worked diligently to transform the religious house dining program into a top notch operation built on talented staff, a focus on service to the men of Holy Cross and an intense desire to make an impact on the health and wellness of all he interacts with. His key accomplishments include:

  • Establishment of a three year Memo of Understanding to formalize the relationship with the Congregation of Holy Cross Priests providing meal service 365 days a year
  • Consolidating the oversight and leadership of the Holy Cross House and Fatima House operations to streamline the production and insure a consistent menu and level of service
  • Oversight of the transition of Corby Hall kitchen staff & equipment to the Presbytery and was integral to the planning, design & preparations for the new Corby Hall
  • Successfully transitioned & implemented the establishment of dining services in Columba Hall
  • Corby Hall and Holy Cross House were recipients of a 2018 Irish Team Award

Congratulations, Scott!

Award Temp ServicesThe Temp Services Team accepts their award.

Team Award: Notre Dame Temp Services

In our operations, creativity and innovation is critical for our success.  As times change around us, we have to be ready to change with them, and foresee business solutions.  A couple of years ago we took a risk and significantly changed how we manage an important aspect of our business – our temporary workforce.  We wanted to centralize all of our temporary labor under one area to create consistent recruiting, onboarding, training & development of temporary staff.  We have the largest department on campus, and also the largest number of events hosted by us every year.  Our innovative solution was to develop and run our own temporary staffing office – the first of its kind across our peer institutions. Since the office’s opening in September 2017, there have been 43,001 temporary labor requests. This is an average of 14,334 shifts per year that we have filled! There have been 107 individuals from the temp pool promoted into part time and full time roles. On average, 90% of those labor requests are filled– compared to only 30 - 40% fill rate when we were utilize outside agencies. This is difficult work: recruiting, hiring & training an ever-changing workforce, but the staff of Notre Dame Temp Services does this every day. NDTS is led by Susan Murphy, Staffing Manager, and our three staffing coordinators, Sue Clark, Alyson Weber & Larisa Yates. 

Campus Dining is proud to honor these performers in excellence.