Game One!

Author: Lisa Wenzel


With a victory over Purdue, Notre Dame Food Services (NDFS) was proud to support the Irish both on and off the field.  The team enjoyed training table meals throughout the week and kicked off their pregame rituals with dinner on Friday.  Over the weekend, we stepped up and ensured that the masses had a great dining experience.  Even the game officials enjoyed sandwiches.

Football games bring a great number of visitors to campus and with this a multitude of dining options.  It is obvious many of the ways that NDFS feeds the masses, but some things are less well known. 

  • NDFS supplied the student concession stands with over 18,000 brats, burgers, and  hot dogs
  • Candlelight Dinners in the dining halls accommodated 4,499 diners, over 2,400 at South Dining Hall after the game
  • New to the mix, Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express served 872 pizzas and 22 dozen packs of tacos
  • Our logistical staff made 696 deliveries to make the weekend happen
  • It took over 50,000 bites to eat the Notre Dame’s Own packaged sandwiches around campus
  • It was a pretty cool weekend so only 16,940 pounds of extra ice were needed
  • Over 5,000 donuts were needed to start the campus day out
  • 90 plates of Tandoori were consumed at our tent behind Reckers

What a way to kick off the season!