In memoriam: Larry Briggs

Author: Lisa Wenzel


Larry Briggs, a member of the Notre Dame staff for over 25 years, passed away Sunday evening.

Most recently, Larry worked as a manager at the North Dining Hall and was loved by the hundreds of staff members in the building. Recalling memories today, many commented on how Larry was always there to help.  One service associate recalled that whenever she would find herself busy and having difficulty keeping up,   she would turn to find Larry was there, helping without a word. Larry was always working alongside others with no need for a thank you or recognition. Recently, staff at North Dining Hall began recognizing managers, calling it “reverse fish” (as recognition of staff members by managers is a fish reward), with the main purpose to recognize Larry for his constant support and willingness to help.  

As a member of the launch team, Larry was a key player in the opening of Legends of Notre Dame Restaurant and Alehouse Pub. 

Alumni may remember Larry as the staff manager for the Alumni Senior Club (Senior Bar). Starting in 1986, Larry acted as a guide and mentor to student managers and bartenders who worked in this facility.  For over 17 years, Larry taught these students how to run a business.

Larry had a positive impact on everyone he worked with and will be remembered for his kindness.