Loads of Turkey and all the Trimmings

Author: Lisa Wenzel


While many students were able to return to their hometowns and enjoy Thanksgiving with their family or hit the beach and the game in Southern California, many remained on campus with their Notre Dame Family. 

Before hours of football, over 1500 students, families, and guests enjoyed a traditional Turkey Dinner at North Dining Hall.  Complete with 86 turkeys, our chefs carved your favorite part of the turkey.  Diners enjoyed over 650 pounds of potatoes and 60 pumpkin pies, and don’t forget the gallons of cranberry sauce.  In addition to these classics, Ham, Tilapia, and Pumpkin Dip were featured.  To top things off 30 apple pies were slathered with over 1,000 servings of fresh whipped cream. 

Many of these dedicated staff members started roasting turkeys before 4:00 AM, putting off time with their families to make sure members of their Notre Dame Family could partake in the traditions of the Holiday.