NDFS Recent Graduates

Author: Lisa Wenzel

Notre Dame Food Services (NDFS) congratulates our recent class of graduates with Ivy Tech Associates Degrees.  These staff members juggled busy work loads and managed to complete this program sponsored by the University’s Human Resource Department. 

  • Heather Fairres, Notre Dame Food Services, Accounts Payable Specialist.  Heather supports all NDFS units through her fast paced processing of vendor invoices among other contributions.  She successfully executed these efforts and completed several years of coursework. 
  • Amber Kirk, Catering by Design, Manager.  Amber is a key manager in catering, working with countless campus customers to ensure successful events, providing shift coverage for catering, as well as taking care of her special needs son.  Amber spent long hours fitting in her coursework while not missing a beat. 
  • Charu Pant, CEC, Notre Dame Food Services, Test Kitchen Floor Chef.  Charu ensures that all of the recipes within Notre Dame Food Services are properly developed and explores new products.  During the same period of completing this coursework, Charu also prepared for and passed his Certified Executive Chef practical examination work.    
  • Karen Reynolds, CEC, Greenfields, Floor Chef.  Karen not only completed her coursework needed for her Associates degree, she continued daily operations of Greenfields and transformed it into a new healthy destination, a great transformation in menu and concept. 
  • Lisa Schoen, Notre Dame Food Services, Lead Accounting Assistant.  Lisa has continued looking to improve our financial operations for all of NDFS while completing her Associates Degree. 

These staff members continued their significant contributions to the University and NDFS while taking on this great task.  Their efforts to advance their education will continue to improve Notre Dame Food Services.