NDFS Staff Members Receive Presidential Awards

Author: Molly Moran

At Notre Dame's annual Service Recognition and Presidential Awards Dinner on May 19th, Francisco Medina and Gail Pursell were awarded the Presidential Achievement Award and the Presidential Leadership Award, respectively. 

Francisco Medina is a service associate in South Dining Hall. He sets the bar for his colleagues by working ahead, anticipating the needs of his department and inspiring his coworkers to do the same. He is constantly looking to improve and help others while displaying humility and gratitude. Francisco's supervisors state, "He is the standard of excellence we would like all of our service staff to be." Congratulations, Francisco!

Gail Pursell is a floor chef in South Dining Hall. Her attention to detail and quality has inspired a culture of excellence within her team. None of her people hesitiate to put in extra effort because of the integrity and pride in the work that she has instilled. Gail's guidance and high standards elevate her staff and it is no surprise that it is considered a priviledge to be a part of her team. Congratulations, Gail!

francisco_medina_smFrancisco Medina

gail_pursell_smGail Pursell