New Certified Executive Chefs

Author: Lisa Wenzel


Notre Dame Food Services is proud to announce that two more of our dedicated culinary professionals , Chef Greg Larson and Chef Charu Pant, have now achieved the status of Certified Executive Chef (CEC®) from the American Culinary Federation (ACF®). 

The ACF is the premier professional chefs’ association in the country which operates in conjunction with the World Association of Chefs Society.  Founded in 1929, the ACF boosts over 20,000 members.  These professionals work to further the field through education, competition, quality assurance, and many service projects to better the world around them. 

The level of Certified Executive Chef is achieved through years of work.  Candidates are required to meet standards of continuing education, mandatory education including nutrition, food safety, and sanitation, and supervisory management.  These professionals must be in charge of food production in a food service operation supervising multiple staff in food preparation.  Written and practical assessments demonstrating proficiencies are required.


Assessment criteria:
The assessment for certification practical testing is divided into four general areas: Safety and Sanitation Skills; Organization; Craftsmanship Skills; Finished Product Skills.

The candidate’s skills are evaluated during the examination period through frequent monitoring by the evaluators. The practical examination is scored overall as pass or fail. Points are calculated in various areas and a total numerical score is calculated. A total averaged score of 75% (75 points) or better is considered passing.

Chef Greg and Chef Charu join a team of certified professionals including other Executive Chefs within Notre Dame Food Services:

Chef Don Miller, CEC, CCE, AAC
Chef Laura Strunk, CEC
Chef Ralph Pieniazkiewicz, CEC
Chef Alan Seidler, CEC
Chef Giuseppe Macerata, CEC
Chef Karen Reynolds, CEC