Notre Dame Food Services Ranked in the 52 Best Colleges for Food in America

Author: Lisa Wenzel


The Daily Meal, All Things Food and Drink ranked Notre Dame Food Services 19 in its September 2012 ranking of the Top 52 Best Colleges for Food in America. 

The Daily Meal examined more than 2,000 four-year colleges in America.  Sources for the ratings included dining service awards, other college rankings, interviews, and the dining program as a whole.  The criteria included healthy foods, events, local community support, sustainability, accessibility and service, and the “X Factor.”         

Virginia Tech achieved the number one ranking with offerings such as multiple campus gardens, back yard barbeques, and dining with the faculty. 

Other top five selections include:  Cornell, UCLA, Washington University in St Louis, and Bowdoin College

Notre Dame achieved its status with highlights such as our hands on cooking class, multiple dining locations, healthy choices, and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free items.  Legends of Notre Dame Restaurant and Alehouse Pub’s unique feature of being a joint initiative with Student Activities, with the net results funding student programing, sets us apart.