Opening Week by the Numbers

Author: Lisa Wenzel


Notre Dame Food Services is excited to welcome back both our returning and new students to campus.  During welcome week you may have noticed many dining opportunities.  Here are some Food Services fun facts by the numbers:

  • 9,643 people attended the Opening Mass Picnic
    • 4,000 in 30 minutes following mass
  • The new on-campus Taco Bell served 1537 tacos
  • 2,743 ID cards were printed
  • NDFS served approximately 47,000 meals over orientation weekend
  • 15,300 sandwiches and over 2,000 pounds of mac & cheese were made for the picnic
    • Grilled by 14 dedicated cooks who smelled of the grill when they were done
  • 1,164 burritos were served at NDH’s first burrito bar of the year
  • 12,516 chicken wings were served at SDH’s first wing night of the year
  • 5,140 box lunches were served to freshmen and their families
  • Approximately 500 students signed on to work for Food Services
  • Our bakers made 21,500 cookies for the picnic and box lunches
  • Wednesday was the busiest meal of the year (not including special meals) with 3,600 students in South Dining Hall
  • 1,178 interactive salads were made at North Dining Hall
  • 5,500 first year students and families were fed lunch in 65 minutes on Saturday of orientation
  • 6,209 loads of laundry were done in campus laundry rooms

We're off to a great start for the year!