Our Nutrition and Safety Team

Author: Lisa Wenzel


When you dine with Notre Dame Food Services (NDFS), you should know that we are constantly focused on nutrition and safety. 

Our Nutrition and Safety area is led by Jocie Antonelli, RD.  She has been a key member of Notre Dame Food Services for 17 years.  Jocie is a registered dietitian, licensed in the state of Indiana since 1995, and is available for many health-related services such as:  dietary analysis, nutritional counseling, healthy eating tours in the dining halls, and nutrition lectures.  In addition, Jocie oversees fulfilling the needs of students with food allergies or medical conditions requiring dietary intervention such as celiac disease or diabetes.  Any student with a need in this area is encouraged to contact Jocie.  NDFS has created special programs just for these folks to help them better manage these conditions within the dining halls. 

Low Fat Low Calorie

NDFS recognizes that the dining halls are a big part of the Notre Dame experience.  Aside from offering hundreds of choices every day, our Nutrition and Safety team also tries to better educate the students and guests on making nutritious choices.  You may have noticed over the past few years the different nutritional posters and clings we display around the serving areas.  Please refer to our website at food.nd.edu where students, faculty, and staff can access nutrition information online.  In addition, you will find QR codes with the food item names on the serving lines so that anyone can access nutrition information immediately with a smart phone.  We are also exploring the practicality of having allergen information listed on the line cards as well. 

Our team is complimented with Cheryl Bauer, Buying Assistant and Food Safety Specialist.  Cheryl has over 13 years of experience in the regulatory side of food safety.  Her certifications include National Restaurant Association (NRA) ServSafe and ServSafe Instruction, USDA – Retail Meat and Poultry Processing Training, Cooking and Cooling, FDA – Food Microbiological Control, FDA – Foodborne Illness Investigation, Indiana University School of Medicine – Foodborne Illness:  Causes, Consequences and Ongoing Surveillance, and NRA Management Skills Program.  Continued education is a key component in the field of food safety where Cheryl is our campus expert on fighting the Noro Virus. 


Within our organization, we have an overall commitment to safety and nutrition.  Along with our two Safety and Nutrition staff who are certified instructors, over 160 staff members have achieved NRA ServSafe Certification.   In addition, our nutrition program ensures that all facilities offer healthy choices.  We have created three icons which can assist you in identifying vegetarian, healthy, and lighter fare options in our Notre Dame Branded facilities.