Recker’s Launches Tandoori Location

Author: Lisa Wenzel

September 3rd was not only the premier of the 2011 Fighting Irish Football Team; it was also the premier of the newest food service concept on campus.  Recker’s launched its Tandoori station just South of South Dining Hall.  This concept is available game days only.

Tandoori is a cooking method that roasts marinated meats over an intense fire in a Tandoor (Indian clay pot ovens).  Traditional tandoors are buried in the ground. Our portable tandoor simulates these clay ovens. The meats are cooked on skewers in a smoky, extremely hot environment. 

The marinades begin with yogurt giving these dishes an acidic start and are flavored with garam masala seasoning (cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and black pepper).  We impart our tandoori offerings with cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, and curry.  This traditional Indian dish is transformed to an easy game day offering by putting it into Naan along with an aromatic Tikka Masala sauce to create a sandwich.  Naan is leavened flat bread originating in north India.   Top this hand held treat with traditional chutneys, lettuce, tomato, or raita.  These chutneys bring together sweet and spicy, and raita is a refreshing yogurt and cucumber sauce.   

Visit us on game day and try our new and exciting menu.