South Dining Hall Plate Waste Reduces by 15%

Author: Lisa Wenzel


Student volunteers recently helped measure the tray waste in both the North and South Dining Halls.  This measurement has been occurring for the past six years.  The Notre Dame Student Body has stepped up to the plate and reduced plate waste progressively over this time. 

This November’s measure again showed progress.  Evaluating 974 trays collected between both North and South Dining Halls, the average food waste reduced from 4.26 oz. per person to 4.23 oz. per person.   

The waste per student at South Dining Hall dramatically reduced from 6.01 oz. to 5.15 oz. per person.   This reduction of just less than .9 oz. per person would result in a savings of 67,500 pounds of waste over the course of a year.  This would be a savings the size of over 6 elephants or about two semi loads of food.

These changes in plate waste demonstrate the effect that individuals can have on curbing waste.  It is not only good for the environment, but also allows the funds that would otherwise be used purchasing the food that becomes trash to be used to purchase higher cost, higher demand items such as pot stickers, sliced apples, or flank steak.