While our division is guided by the University's core values - excellence, respect, integrity, teamwork and accountability - we hold ourselves to a set of values specific to our business that we believe serve our customers and our guests in a manner fitting of Notre Dame.


Quality is the overarching principle we adhere to in our operation, from the ingredients we use, to the way they're prepared, to the service you experience at any of our locations.


As an international institution, we believe variety is not just a way to add flair to a menu, it's an expression of Notre Dame's character.


We believe in being good stewards of our earthly home while we provide the highest quality menu we can. 

Local Sourcing

Campus Dining strives to prioritize locally and regionally sourced ingredients, to help boost the overall quality and sustainability of our offerings.

Food Safety

We know that job number one is providing a safe place for our Notre Dame family to enjoy a meal or snack.