Food Safety

Assortment Of Fresh Vegetables

Our commitment to quality, variety and sustainability is hollow if it is not combined with an equally resolute commitment to food safety and personal safety. 

It begins with adhering to best practices and standards for the industry as represented by the "ServSafe" program operated by the National Restaurant Association. All of our food service managers are certified in food safety and sanitation, and our vendors complete a certification program to verify the food we purchase from them has followed safe practices.

Next, we operate an extensive in-house food safety program called Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). This program provides another layer of oversight in addition to ServSafe, and monitors every step of food preparation, from receiving the food at the dock to storage, cooking, cross-contamination and stringent personal hygiene requirements. A full-time food safety manager oversees the safety and sanitation of all our operations, and regular inspections are conducted - both internally and by an independent body - to ensure our standards are maintained.