Off Campus Undergrads & Graduate Students

Spring meal plan sign ups begin January 13.

Purchase Meals Here 

The best way to determine the most suitable semester meal plan choice is to consider the number of times a week (roughly) you plan to dine in the dining halls over the 16 week semester. Meal plans are semester based and do not rollover from semester to semester.

Our Campus Dining meal plans offer a block of board meals to be used in North or South Dining Hall. These plans permit multiple meal period swipes for personal and guest use and a single meal swipe in South Dining Hall Grab and Go per meal period.

If your board meal balance begins to run low during the semester, you may purchase another meal plan by clicking on the "Purchase Meals Here" button above. If you change your mind about your meal plan purchase you may cancel your plan within 24 hours of purchase by sending an email to from your ND email address with your ndID number and your request. You cannot cancel your meal plan if you have used any meals or Flex Points.
Flex Points are accepted in almost all on-campus retail food service establishments, excluding Legends and Sorin's. Flex Points expire at the end of each semester.

The last meal of Fall 2018 is December 14, 2018.  The first meal of Spring 2019 is January 13, 2019.  The last meal of Spring 2019 is May 19, 2019.  

If you are living off campus, have purchased an off campus meal plan, and are then moved on campus, please send an email to to request a meal plan refund. Be sure to include your ndID number.

Meal Plans

  • Select 230 
    Number of block meals: 230
    Flex Point value: $0
    Cost: $2,499
  • Select 150 with Flex Points
    Number of block meals: 150
    Flex Point value: $275
    Cost: $2,075
  • Select 120 with Flex Points
    Number of block meals: 120
    Flex Point value: $150
    Cost: $1,710
  • Select 80 with Flex Points
    Number of block meals: 80
    Flex Point value: $110
    Cost: $1,265
  • Select 50 with Flex Points
    Number of block meals: 50
    Flex Point value: $110
    Cost: $850
  • Select 32 with Flex Points
    Number of block meals: 32
    Flex Point value: $110
    Cost: $585
  • Select 25 with Flex Points
    Number of block meals: 25
    Flex Point value: $110
    Cost: $500

The Green Plan

Cost: $3,767

The Green Plan is a flexible meal plan that provides both Flex Points and Domer Dollars ($360.00 in Flex Points and $360.00 in Domer Dollars are placed on your ID card at the beginning of each semester), and a weekly allotment of up to 14 board meals in our all you care to eat dining halls (North or South). Multiple swipes per meal period are allowed for personal use only. Unused Flex Points expire at the end of each semester. Domer Dollars are accepted at all on-campus retail food establishments, in campus laundry and vending machines, as well as at select off-campus locations. Domer Dollars do not expire and will remain on your campus ID card until you separate from the University. 

Where do I buy my meal plan?

Meal Plans and Flex Points may be purchased either at and charged to your Student Account, or in the Dining Hall Office with payment by check (please email or call 574.634.DINE (3463) to coordinate payment by check).  Please allow one business day for your Meal Plan application to be processed.

Terms & Conditions

1.  Notre Dame Meal Plans are effective for one academic semester only.  Unused meals from Fall Semester do not carry over to the Spring Semester.  All Domer Dollars will remain on your account until you graduate.

2.  Meal Plans may be canceled within 24 hours of purchase by sending an email to with your ndID number and request.

3. You may check your balances and recent history any time at

4. All students are responsible for the policy and procedures located at

Payment options for graduate students on stipends: If you are a graduate student receiving a University stipend, you may choose to pay for your meal plan in monthly payments. Graduate students who select the monthly payment option will need to complete a Payroll Authorization Form (100 Main Building).

For graduating off-campus seniors who are staying for Senior Week 2019: all meal plans will continue through May 19, 2019.